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Rules of the Game

1) Be the first player to score 21 or more points.

2) Players can score points by using the following OFFENSIVE CARDS.


3) Players can remove points by using the following DEFENSIVE CARDS. The icons in the upper right hand corners help indicate which defensive cards remove which offensive cards.

Red arrow.png
Red arrow.png
Red arrow.png
Red arrow.png
Red arrow.png
Red arrow.png
Red arrow.png
Red arrow.png
Red arrow.png

4) Players keep the game in motion by using CONTINUATION CARDS.


5) Setup:
BLITZ CHAMPZ CAN BE PLAYED BY 2-6 players, ages 7 and up. Every player starts with five cards, dealt face down. The remaining cards are placed in a Draw Pile face down. Next to the pile, a space should be designated for a Discard Pile.

6) Gameplay:
The first player is the player to the left of the dealer and gameplay follows in a clockwise direction. When it is each player’s turn THEY must first draw a card from the Draw Pile. Players must then discard a card by performing one of the following three actions:

a) Placing an Offensive Card in one’s own area to count as points towards achieving the 21-point goal.

b) Using a Defensive Card to take an Offensive Card away from the previous player, and placing both the Defensive Card and the other player’s Offensive Card in the Discard Pile. *NOTE: A Defensive Card can only be used AGAINST THE OFFENSIVE CARD THAT THE PREVIOUS PLAYER JUST PLAYED. A DEFENSIVE CARD CANNOT BE USED AGAINST AN OFFENSIVE CARD THAT WAS PLAYED IN A PREVIOUS ROUND.

C) Placing a Continuation Card in the Discard Pile. If the Continuation Card is a First Down, Pass Completion, or a 5-yard Run, the player draws the appropriate number of cards from the draw pile and can pass or continue their turn by playing an offensive card or defensive card if applicable. A player can only uSE one Continuation Card per turn.

IF A PLAYER IS UNABLE TO TAKE ACTIONS A, B, OR C, THEY PASS ON THEIR TURN AND play continues with the next player drawing a card from the Draw Pile and taking one of the three actions listed above. Gameplay continues until a player achieves 21 or more points. Once a player reaches 21 or more points, the next player has one turn to bring that player back down to 20 points or less. If this is not achieved, the player with 21 or more points wins the game!

7) Scoring:
playerS scorE by placing Offensive CardS, FACE UP, in front of themSELVES. Offensive Cards can be played in any order (e.g. an Extra Point card can be played even if a player has not previously placed a Touchdown card). *NOTE: The points associated with AN Offensive Card count only if the next player does NOT remove them using a Defensive Card.

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