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Blitz Champz workshops are fun and educational activities that reinforce math skills for children in grades 3-8.  Lasting approximately 45-60 minutes, each Blitz Champz workshop teaches students about entrepreneurship, football, math, strategy, and healthy competition.  Blitz Champz workshops are conducted on-site at your location and can be scheduled Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm ET.  Click below to schedule a Blitz Champz workshop for your group.

Free Digital Resources for
Supplemental Learning!

Educators, Blitz Champz offers FREE workbooks for grades 3-8 to supplement math and SEL (social and emotional learning) curricula in an innovative way that is sure to engage your students.  Subscribe below and receive instant access to Blitz Champz' suite of workbooks that incorporate unique, colorful diagrams and word problems that will undoubtedly challenge and motivate students! 

Teaching Resources

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Blitz Champz Coloring Book

Subscribe below and print the official Blitz Champz coloring book along with the other Distance Learning resources from your own personal printer. 

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Math Workbook & Answer Key

The Blitz Champz Student Workbook for grades 3-5 is an educational, math workbook that supplements the skills students use when playing the Blitz Champz print-and-play card game. The 14-page workbook uses basic concepts from the sport of football to make math interesting and fun.

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The Blitz Champz SEL Workbook explores the social and emotional learning aspects of the Blitz Champz math card game. The 8-page workbook also helps students understand the concepts and commitment needed to become champions in every area of life.

Subscribe to get instant access to teaching resources:

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