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Fandoms Of The Year: Adrienne Smith

All her life, Adrienne has worked endlessly to play the game she loved.

Written by Aryanna Prasad

Adrienne wasn't just busy breaking WFA records left and right in 2022. In January, Adrienne was one of four women represented in a Super Bowl LVI campaign with Team Milk. All her life, Adrienne has worked endlessly to play the game she loved. It began at three years old, when she practiced tackles on Ginger, her beloved teddy bear. Adrienne used to watch NFL games and dreamed of playing beyond her backyard, and as an adult, she is now permanently etched in WFA history as one of the league's greatest receivers.


Adrienne advocates for the game to be accessible to all, creating Blitz Champs, a football-themed card game that also builds math skills for young children. She also created Gridiron Queendom, one of the few blogs that covers the world of women's tackle football and allows new fans to enter that world and connect with its players. Following Adrienne on social media, fans can see that she's busy in the offseason making football more accessible to everyone and sharing her lifelong love of the game. And in the season, she's busy making Boston an even more successful football town.


Adrienne Smith is the GOAT of WFA wide receivers, and it's not just because she broke the all-time receiving record this season and went on to win a fourth consecutive championship for the Boston Renegades. Adrienne is the GOAT because she was all in, just focused on executing her route and scoring a touchdown for her team — she had no idea she was making history when she broke the record. A devoted student of Jerry Rice's game and another acclaimed wide receiver to honor the No. 10, Adrienne embraces the mantra of “excellence“ that has brought women's football in Boston more championships than the New England Patriots. It was a historic year for Adrienne, for the Renegades, and for women's football, one that every football fan should celebrate.


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