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The Importance of a Business Plan for Selling Your Card Game: Fireside Chat 10 Featuring Adrienne S.

Calvin Keeney of Streamlined Gaming interviews Blitz Champz creator, Adrienne Smith, about turning a card game idea into a business.

Written and produced by Calvin Keeney

I had a blast talking to Adrienne in this episode!

She is a high performance athlete and businesswoman that brings a lot of intellect and perseverance to the game design world. We talked about her card game, Blitz Champz. Being a professional athlete. Running multiple businesses such as Gridiron Queendom. And what it takes to be on the set of Orange is the New Black.

Adrienne seemed like a genuinely nice person willing to help others out. I felt an immediate connection when she told me she wore the number 10! That is my favorite number which I wore all 4 years in high school basketball and through intramural sports.

4 Important Parts of a Business Plan that Adrienne Smith Used to Develop Blitz Champz

Adrienne has an MBA from Columbia University and she used her Alumni resources there along with business fundamentals she learned in school to launch Blitz Champz.

She discussed the importance of following a business plan. Adrienne encouraged fellow game designers to know your:

  1. Audience

  2. Competition

  3. Pricing/Costs

  4. Marketing

And to take baby steps in each area. It’s good to have a long term goal, but small healthy habits are the way to achieve those goals. Adrienne suggested to simply Google “business plans” to find a template to start with.

Where Can I Find out More About Adrienne Smith and Blitz Champz?

You can find Adrienne through the following links:

Thanks for watching!


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